From Humble Beginnings

The OzVader Story… so far.


Take a look at the OzVader story. Growing from a simple question amongst colleagues, the OzVader V1 Ventilator was developed as a life-saving response to global ventilator shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The OzVader V1 Ventilator complies with all minimum technical requirements for invasive ventilators listed in the Australian TGA specification: “Ventilator for COVID-19 use in Australia” Revision 1.0, 05APR2020.

OzVader’s submission to the Australian TGA is currently in review and the written permission for emergency exemption related to COVID-19 is pending.

“We want to provide a safe & functional mechanical ventilator to anyone who needs it, wherever they are on the globe. Our design philosophy was to keep it simple, functional, manufacturable and above all – safe for the patient” – Tony Sprague

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