OzVader V1 Render 2

OzVader V1

Product Specifications and Capabilities

Our ventilator. Reliable and Flexible.

Our medical team includes some of Australia’s leading intensive care specialists, anaesthetists and respiratory doctors. These doctors represent leading Australian hospitals including The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane; and Austin Hospital and Epworth Hospitals in Melbourne.

The OzVader V1 is specifically designed to support critical patients experiencing severe breathing difficulties. The V1 is an intermittent mandatory ventilator that provides volume controlled ventilation (VCV) mode.

Designed for safety, simplicity and reliability and to suit all possible usage environments from Tier 1 ICU wards to field hospitals & ambulances. Importantly comprised of readily available materials and parts which are resilient to deteriorating supply chain conditions and ventilator parts shortages.

The OzVader has a sophisticated alarming system which can be viewed here


Our Design Philosophy. Our point of difference.

Patient safety is paramount – the OzVader ventilator maintains precise control over delivered gas pressure via a suite of sensors and computer-controlled valves.
Leverages the ubiquitous Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM) that is commonly found in all hospitals around the globe.
It is agnostic to BVM supplier – the unique OzVader pressure housing is can handle the variances in BVM bag shapes and sizes.