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About Us

OzVader Ventilators

Starting with a simple question, OzVader is answering a dire global crisis.

OzVader began with it’s project founder, Tony Sprague, messaging a mate out of frustration at the climbing global requirements for emergency ventilators: “What if we could do something here?”

And that was it. Since then, Tony and a team of engineers & medics have designed and built a production ready safe & functional pandemic ventilator. This is a potentially life-saving response to the global ventilator shortage.

The OzVader core functions and priorities will always be;


  1. Patient Safety. Paramount to everything OzVader is striving to achieve. OzVader – saving lives, safely.
  2. Meeting Medical Needs. Ensuring that OzVader meets the needs of medical professionals. Functional and fit for purpose.
  3. Rapid Manufacturing. Designed from the ground up OzVader uses readily available industrial parts and manufacturing systems. It is scalable, low cost, high quality and can be manufactured in large volumes. Easing the global shortage of ventilators.

“We want to provide a functional pandemic ventilator to anyone who needs it, wherever they are on the globe. Our design philosophy was to keep it simple, functional, manufacturable and above all – safe for the patient”  – Tony Sprague


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Manufacturing Capabilities. Our point of difference.

Unlike many ventilators currently used globally, The OzVader has been designed from the ground up for scalability, allowing OzVader to be manufactured in large numbers. During the design phase, supply chain assessment was undertaken for key parts ensuring most raw materials are readily available within Australia. Utilising high quality industrial parts that are in abundant supply and efficient manufacturing systems for final assembly.

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