OzVader V1 Render 2


Emergency use pandemic ventilator


Australian designed and manufactured by engineers and specialist medical professionals.

The OzVader V1 is an automatic emergency pandemic ventilator designed specifically to support global medical disaster situations.

  • Engineered to provide stable function in a wide variety of use locations (ie. medical disaster zones, hospital overflow treatment centers, during transport or regional medical clinics with limited hospital infrastructure)
  • Automatically adapts to any adult BVM type (supplier agnostic)
  • Intelligent robotic control system actuating conventional Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM) hardware giving precise control over key ventilation parameters.
  • Does not require pressurized gas infrastructure or constant electrical power supply, having flexible power systems including:
    • 110-240V AC
    • 12V DC
    • 12V internal battery
    • Air powered (medical or industrial)


View OzVader V1 Product Brochure here.


Patient safety is paramount

The OzVader team includes specialist ICU doctors on the front-line of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia.

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Australian Made.

Readily available parts and proven technology the OzVader V1 Ventilator is designed for rapid manufacture and to function in any global treatment situation. Ingeniously simple and incredibly effective.

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Australian engineering & manufacturing ingenuity.

The OzVader V1 pandemic ventilator has formed through the collaboration of Brisbane based manufacturers. Olitek as head manufacturer, adds decades of design and manufacturing experience towards the project.

Engineered for rapid and reliable production

With a secure supply chain in place, producing the ventilator is vastly scalable

Designed for Medical Disaster Situations

OzVader functions effectively on 110-240V AC, 12V DC/battery or compressed air.

Leverages existing technology

The OzVader leverages the Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM) respirator bag that exists in every hospital around the world, and familiar to medics globally.