Supplier of quality ventilators developed for COVID19 treatment

Ozvader – Saving lives, safely.

Designed by a collaboration of Australian engineers and specialist medical professionals, the OzVader ventilator has been developed specifically to treat the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The OzVader is a sophisticated ventilator that fulfills the needs of ICU clinicians and has safety of the patient at it’s forefront.

Unlike most currently used ventilators, the Ozvader utilises readily available industrial parts and manufacturing systems which are available in abundance. This will enable OzVader to make an impact on the global COVID-19 pandemic. It’s designed from the ground up for scalability.

OzVader will function in any treatment location – from tier 1 ICU wards to remote field hospitals around the globe. View OzVader V1 Product Brochure here.


Patient safety is our main priority

The OzVader development team includes a panel of specialist doctors, hospital advisers and most importantly, ICU clinicians on the front-line of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia. These specialists, with some of our best robotic & mechanical engineers are pioneering the way forward for this crisis.

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Australian. Designed with local expertise.

Using readily available parts and proven technology the OzVader Ventilator is designed for manufacturing. It’s low-cost, robust and reliable and it’s unique design, makes it possible to produce in large volumes. It’s designed to function in any treatment scenario globally. Ingeniously simple and incredibly effective.

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Olitek – Australian engineering & manufacturing ingenuity.

The OzVader ventilator has formed through the collaboration of Brisbane based manufacturers. Oliktek, as the head manufacturer, is putting their decades of design and manufacturing experience towards the project. This ensures that the OzVader is rugged, reliable and will work in any likely treatment scenario.

Engineered for rapid and reliable production

With a secure supply chain in place, producing the ventilator is vastly scalable

Flexible technology

OzVader will function effectively whilst plugged into electricity, 12V battery or compressed air.

Leverages existing technology

The OzVader ventilator uses the ubiquitous hospital Bag-Valve-Mask respirator bag that exists in every hospital around the world.

Contribute towards Ventilators4all.

We have started a fundraiser to help OzVader achieve our goal of #Ventilators4all.
Your contribution will go towards manufacturing ventilators for developing nations, who are in desperate need during this COVID19 pandemic.

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